There’s a lot of help you can get for design or your IT needs when it comes to your web site, but there’s very little help in providing the stuff on your web site that people visit your web site for … the content.

And the same goes for your written templates and formal communication – lots of support in terms of delivery, but little help to write them effectively.

There is now.

At Landmark Media, we are seasoned content professionals.  We can help you with writing or editing your web content, a review of your web site before you redevelop it, rewriting your regular correspondence and form letters, help with your eNewsletter, training or even putting together a web site maintenance program for you.

And if you’re happy with your site but need some help marketing it, you could benefit from our services in digital marketing, search engine optimisation or even usability testing.

Testimonial 6 - Joy (writing)

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