Training tailored to your needs

We run tailored workshops for education, corporate, government and non-profit sector clients. Let us know if you could benefit from some in-house training … great for organisations with a CMS or a web site that just needs better polished writing skills from staff.

Social media for your business

Should your business dive into social media?  Or are you one of those business who set up a Facebook or Twitter account which is now collecting cobwebs?  If so, a facilitated workshop for your business will greatly help you get better value out of social media.  In our workshops – which can run for a half-day or full-day – we will look at the risks and issues that social media can raise for your business and then excite your staff by involving them in some blue-sky idea generation.

This workshop is a great start to your business’ social media program or as a key part of reviewing your existing work with tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

Writing for the web and social media 

90% of company web sites are written by people who aren’t trained to do so.  And the majority of web workshops deal with the technical issues of web sites,  interesting?  In this workshop, I often get participants to bring their own web site along so they can work on it as they go, enabling them to learn as well as get their work done as they go.

The Presenter’s Toolkit – Presenting like a Pro

How to make the most of the latest presentation tools and technology …

We live in a world of YouTube, TED Talks and Smartphones but, when faced with giving a presentation, many of us open PowerPoint and start making dot points. There is a better way! By making effective use of presentation tools and technologies you can better engage your audience, make your message memorable and move to people to action. This practical workshop will introduce you to a range of presentation tools and supporting technology. You will be guided through why, how and when you can make the best use of them, to present like a professional.

The five online skills you need to succeed

There are five skills you need to manage your site.  It’s more than just learning about Google.  It’s more than just learning how to write online.  It’s more than just learning about how Dreamweaver works.  This workshop covers a whole range of web maintenance issues … saving participants the cost (and time) of attending 3-4 different workshops!

Publishing newsletters and eNewsletters

Editing newsletters can be hard work.  Not only do you have the writing and production process, but getting good quality material from both inside your organisation and externally can be as painful as extracting hen’s teeth.  I know.  I’ve edited countless newsletters over my 15 years in the industry.  But I’ve also won awards for them – so what tips or tricks are there to help you publish an interesting, smoothly-produced newsletter?  And what about eNewsletters?  The second part of this workshop looks at the specific issues in ePublishing.

Public relations

Public relations is a profession that is also rapidly changing and evolving. Practitioners need to be generalist and specialists with skills in negotiation, management, interpersonal relations, writing and presentation.  This workshop introduces you to the key fundamental principles in public relations and through our practical sessions will provide you with a start to successfully understanding and implementing successful campaigns.  We will look at the theory and also put it into practice ourselves.

PR for the non-profit sector

There are particular challenges for professionals in the non-profit sector.  This workshop draws on David’s 20 years of experience in working with non-profit organisations to unlock the secrets to using PR skills in a marketplace with little resources.

Writing great job advertisements

Writing a great job advertisement will immediately improve the often onerous task of selecting the right candidate.  Very few human relations consultants actually look at the communication principles behind their recruitment – they simply regurgitate the job description.  In this workshop, HR professionals learn more about the psychology of the job seeker and how improving their own communication skills will help improve their human resources skills.  David’s unique blend of communication experience and work with human resources professionals over 15 years provides a great foundation to this workshop.

Contact us to talk about your particular training needs.

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