The best training doesn’t just provide information. It inspires. It provides more than provide education. It also entertains.

That’s what we pride ourselves in.

Our training programs are designed around your needs, whether that’s training for an individuale, a training program for your entire team, department, or working group.

Our approach is based around you. You are free – and welcome – to bring your own work into the session to apply the principles of best practice that we discuss.

We do that for two reasons. The first is that you don’t care about hypothetical examples in training. Let’s be honest, once you leave a training session and head back to work, you’ve instantly forgotten about ABC Company or XYZ Government Department. So we make sure that our training is built around examples that you do care about.

Secondly, you are finding time in a very busy schedule to develop your own skills, so we want to get some work done while we’re here.

“It was great to have feelings of frustration verified and know that there is a shift happening in the way we communicate with each other in the government space. Look forward to the next stand out training opportunity !”

~ Rebecca Freshwater, Department for Environment and Water

Tailored training

We can work with your organisation to tailor training to your team. It’s the best of both worlds with a coming together of our best practice skills and expertise built over decades and your specific communication messaging, audience or project needs. And we’ve also had a number of clients build training around a project development cycle without having to employ outside professionals at an extra cost.

Corporate and Government training

We work with organisations like the University of Adelaide and IPAA to deliver corporate workshops if you have a single person that you’d like to upskill, or perhaps you’re in business on your own.

We still tailor workshops to suit your immediate needs and particular challenges.

“David coached me for my talk at TEDxUniAdelaide 2021. Learning methods of speech delivery from him was an absolutely enriching and enjoyable experience. He has so much to offer as a coach with a very calm and poised manner of teaching. He works with what you offer him instead of imposing his ideas on you. All those concepts of light and shade and body language on a stage will always stick with me no matter what event or platform I talk at next.”

~Shrutika Mane, Headspace Youth Ambassador and TedX speaker.


We can provide one-on one-coaching services to your staff. Our clients have either built a development program around key people or a development program around the team which is far more cost effective and generates quicker results as everyone’s skill set mindset and approach changes at a similar rate. And we can always build coaching around individuals requiring specific mentoring.

Coaching topics include:

  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Polishing your writing skills
  • Networking skills
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Confident presentation skills

Contact us to talk about your particular training needs.

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