From the first briefing meeting, we’ll bring a depth of knowledge of your industry that means we’re on the same page.

We have clients that range across many sectors and industries, but it’s our specific industry experience that our clients appreciate the most.


We bring more than a decade of experience in working with government agencies and departments to the table. We appreciate the pressure that you’re under, such as when the directive comes down from the Minister’s office at 9.01 on a Monday morning for a change of direction. Or trying to get cross agency support for your messaging. Or even breaking through to a cynical public about information that will make their life easier.

Regardless of if we’re working with you on a training program, or developing your content, we won’t create something that you won’t be able to get approved. If you come to our writing workshops, we won’t turn you into a direct marketing writer, because we know that that’s going to get shot down in the very first approval process within your agency.

We also are very familiar with working under the umbrella of a department or agency style guide. We know very well from experience that this doesn’t need to just be some sort of guidance needs to be a reference point.

We also are very familiar with working under the umbrella of a department or agency style guide. We know very well from experience that this doesn’t need to just be some sort of guidance. It needs to be a reference point.

“I think it is probably the most useful workshop I’ve done and a lot of that had to do with your experience, your knowledge of government and the way you related the content to all of our different situations.”

~ Tanya Milne, Department for Environment and Water


Our expertise in education has been gathered from working with more than 150 junior and senior schools and nearly a dozen universities. We understand your challenges – from the very basic understanding of what marketing means to a school through to trying to explain to academics that they do actually have customers in the form of their students.

We can work with you on everything from selling a brand as a university or school through to enrolment campaigns or even event communication. And we know that the words that we will suggest to you work and we’ll be more than simply telling prospective partners that you have a vision statement or trying to explain to them just why your current marketing slogan should mean something to them.

“David has delivered excellent training and development programs through Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) for many years. We love his engaging delivery, depth of knowledge and ability to shape his programs to meet their learning needs. If you are looking for web/social media expert that is easy to work with and knows his stuff – look no further…”

~ Jo Carrick, University of Adelaide


Non-profit brings its own unique set of skills – an ability to think laterally in terms of resources, a passion for the cause that goes beyond sales and a marketplace bombarded by other non-profits which erodes their goodwill.

We’ve worked with non-profits for decades, helping them overcome these challenges and making the most of every interaction with the public. And they’re pleased we have.

“David has worked with our subject matter experts in the Transfusion Practice and Education team at the Blood Service. He has a great approach and puts the work into tailoring it to suit the group. I am seeing the effects of his work as our team has started thinking more about audiences and how their subject matter will be used and understood. David has been a catalyst in this important shift in the team members’ understanding of their roles as content providers.”

~ Lisa Reid, Australian Red Cross Blood Service