Workshop schedule

The 2018 schedule has been busy:
  • Effective business writing in government, Adelaide
  • Writing for social media in health, Adelaide
  • Writing a great school web site, Adelaide
  • Public relations and online communication, Singapore
  • Developing your social media strategy, Adelaide
  • Social media in education, Brisbane
  • Writing for the web and social media, Adelaide
  • Social media for leadership in the library sector, Adelaide
  • Publishing newsletters and eNewsletters, Adelaide
  • Social media for beginners, Adelaide
  • Social media for leadership in the government sector, Adelaide
  • Social media for schools, Adelaide
  • Writing for the web in schools, Singapore
  • The Presentation Toolkit, Adelaide
  • How to put together a DIY video, Adelaide

All up, more than 700 people through our training sessions.

Workshops are always available as tailored options, if you would like to work with your staff as a group.  It’s a great way to build consistency across a team and use examples that are relevant to their everyday work structure.

Contact us if you’d like to talk about a tailored session for you.

Workshops in 2017

2017 was another extremely busy year for our workshops.  Over the past three years, we have coached and presented to more than 1200 people representing 500 individual businesses, government departments and non-profits, including:

  • About 180 schools from a range of sectors and traditions, in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland
  • Australian Government departments ranging from the Department of Premier and Cabinet in SA to the Health Department and DFEEST
  • Singaporean Government departments including the police, military and sitting politicians.
  • Infertility patient organisations from the UK, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, Argentina and Australia
  • Universities in SA, NSW, Vic and the UK
  • Non-profits including the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Centacare, Salvation Army and a host of smaller charities in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Corporate brands including HSBC, Singapore Airlines and Mediacorp.


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