Social media is cool and fun, right?  Everyone’s doing it so we need to as well.

Ah, no.

Social media is another communication tool that could help build and grow your business, but you need to think about it strategically.

That’s where we come in.

Landmark Media can work with your business to help you understand WHY you need social media and HOW it can help.  We won’t talk about the popularity of these tools, we’ll talk about the value they can provide for your business.

Our strategy is based on sound communication principles.  You’ll never hear OMG LOL Facebook rulz 😉 from us.

Our services in social media include:

  • Strategic development.  We will develop a social media strategy for you that outlines how you can benefit from these tools.  The strategy will be tailored for your business and will include advice on key messages, workflow and measurement of ROI.
  • Workshops to help generate ideas in your workplace.  Our workshops are professionally facilitated to help your organisation identify the key risks and issues social media brings.  But they’re more than that – they also help excite your staff by getting them involved in the ideas process.
  • Social media reviews.  Probably the largest social media service we offer is to review existing social media programs.  If you’re looking at your Facebook profile which is now two-years-old and delivering very little, you need to talk to us.  And don’t feel bad.  In our experience 90% of businesses don’t use their social media effectively.
  • Ideas blitzes.  Perhaps you just need some idea starters to help you take your social media program from one level to the next.  Spend 90 minutes with us and we’ll give you pages of ideas you can implement immediately.

Talk to us about your social media needs.  We’ll be pleased to help decipher it for you and give you a plan to actually get something out of them.

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