eNewsletters are like puppies.  A lot of fun when you first get them, but more and more work over time that you can come to resent.

Communicating online via your eNewsletter is currently the rage.  Hey, it’s cheap isn’t it?  Saving all those postage costs?

But where do you start?  Should you do HTML?  Should you do PDF?  How should it look?  All good questions, but they’re the last thing you should worry about.  You need to find the content first.

With Landmark Media, you get to work with someone who can advise on all of the components of an eNewsletter:

  • Article collection:  advising on the stress-free way to get articles from people.
  • Writing or editing: depending on what you need, we can either write the whole thing for you or edit the material you already have.  Either way, you’ll end up with punchy, relevant and engaging text.
  • Design:  we can help you to produce HTML-designed newsletters or in other formats if you require.  Alternatively, we can liaise with your designer for you as he speaks their language.
  • Distribution and sending:  our vast experience in direct marketing means the lessons we’ve learned over the years managing mailing lists for posting paper-based newsletters can be applied to your eNewsletter project.  And you may be surprised, they’re very much the same.

And if you’ve already got an eNewsletter – great!  We can come in and give you an outsider’s perspective on it.  Sort of tune up if you like.

We currently edit a number of eNewsletters, including some national and international clients, and can work with your company to streamline its communication online.

“Thank you for the expertise you have brought to the ACCESS Australia eNewsletter.  Health professionals have commented on the content and found it informative.  Our members have current information about reproductive technology and the personal perspectives of others going through a similar journey.  In addition, your professional knowledge of website management has enabled us to deliver a high-quality, timely publication with effective use of available technology.”

Sandra Dill, ACCESS Australia <web site>

If your eNewsletter could do with some assistance, please feel free to contact us <link to contact us page>

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