We’re highly experienced web writers. Sure, we’ve got experience writing brochures, annual reports and ad campaigns, but we’ve been on the web since the mid-1990s and have provided content writing and editing services for hundreds of web sites in a diverse range of fields.

That gives us two key advantages over other writers who’ve drifted into web writing:

  1. We understand the web.   We know the potential that is in your web site and that it’s more than an electronic billboard for your company.
  2. We understand content. Content is more than just the words on the page.  How that page is written and how it fits into your web site is the key to its success.

Content writing

Sometimes you don’t have the time, the skills ro the inclination to write some new content for your web site.

This is where we come in.

We can create tight, well-written, useful content stacked with your keywords, which will hook your customers and potential customers into your web site.

Content editing

Everything you write should go through a second set of hands before it goes live.  Why?  Because as the person who wrote it, you’re not really in a position to see it objectively.  Our proofreading and editing service ensures that your content makes sense, doesn’t have any embarrassing typos or just needs some tightening.

And you’ll also get the benefit of someone who understands the intricacies of the web, which is something you won’t get from your garden variety copywriter or PR person.  We can advise on ideas for everything from linking strategies to multimedia ideas or even your metadata and keyword optimisation.

Need help in this area?  Talk to us.

“After months trying unsuccessfully to write content for our new web site, they came to our rescue.  Quick and professional at all times, we felt confident throughout the project.  Best of all, they tapped right into the energy of our business and translated it into compact web language.  I recommend them if you want to effectively engage with your target audience.”

Justin Wynn, Carbon Business <web site>

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