Is your online presence a mirror or a door?

Many companies we talk to refer to the importance of their web site or social media and the role they want it to play in their business.  When neither of them are working, the question we often ask is this one: is your online presence a door TO your business or a mirror OF your business?

The mindset you have when you write, produce, design and develop your web site will play a very large role in its success. The same goes with the way you approach social media.

Some businesses write a web site which is a mirror – it reflects them and who they are.  They want to see themselves on the web, so they talk about how good they are.  In a way, that’s a good thing, because the only people really interested in looking at it are people that work in the business anyway.  They want to see themselves, so mission accomplished.

Businesses that want their web site to generate sales leads, business outcomes, bookings or action taken by their reader need to create a web site that is more like a door.  A good web site will help your customer or prospective customer find what they are looking for quickly.  It will introduce them to the customer service people quickly.  It will enable them to speak to someone should they wish to.  It will show them how the product or service will help them … immediately.

Your social media platform will introduce people to your business, product, service or team … rather than simply reflect your ‘brand’.  Let’s be honest here: the five top things people want from a brand in social media relate to discounts or benefits – they don’t head to Facebook to see your latest TV ad … unless they get something for watching it.  So your social media presence needs to be a doorway through which they can enter to meet you and get something in return.

It’s a simple thought process: when people turn up at a retail shop with the purpose of doing business, do they walk through a door to find information or people or are they impeded by a mirror which only faces towards the inside?

That should carry on to how you approach how you appear online.

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