For designers

Have you got a project on the books that is just sitting there because it’s been sitting with a client for some time as they supply you content?


You’ve done the draft design – which is waiting to be populated – but the client is swamped and can’t find the time to advance the project to the next stage.

We can help … by coming in, interviewing your client or even finding and editing existing information they may not know they have.  You can then upload it to your test site, giving your client the chance to sign off and, importantly for you, the chance to send your bill.

Web designers who work with us also get the benefit of:

  • Working with copywriters who know the web process. We work well with designers and programmers – we know what you’re talking about but also know what our role is.
  • Content writers who also understand Content Management Systems.  We can upload the material we’ve just written … because we know that the client can often be the holdup when it comes to adding content to a new web site via CMS>
  • Easy project management. We’re happy to work as your subcontractors, making it easier for you to project manage a development, leaving you as the one point of contact.

Plus, if you recommend a content review for one of your clients, we’d be happy to work with you as their designer, plus you get a bonus of a spotter’s fee of 10%.

So do yourself a favour and get in touch!

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