Sample ideas from the book

These are just a few of the ideas taken from the book.  For more on the ideas contained in the book, visit the 501 Great Ideas community on Facebook.

  1. When you are asking staff to supply content, a good shortcut to use might be for you to interview them. This is something that I do regularly with schools. Schools are very busy places and teachers, in particular, are trying to run a class of students as well as handling their parents. Asking them to supply information on a regular basis to a social media program is just another thing to put onto their to-do list. One way to get around that is not to cut them out of the equation (especially if they are an expert in the area or the source of the content itself), but instead to sit down with them for five or 10 minutes and actually talk to them. Record the interview, with their permission of course, and you have your content. This has a number of benefits, such as shortening the time frame between collecting content and publishing it. It also impacts on the style of your communication. Talking to someone produces information that is based on a conversational style, which is often the preferred style of social media.

~ ~ ~

  1. Put out queries via social media to see if anyone in your school community offers services that the school could benefit from. Post that you’re looking for a landscaper, accountant, printer, graphic designer, cleaner, groundskeeper or painter and would like to use someone from the school community. Nothing builds community better than looking to do business within the community itself. And in a tough economic times, throwing business towards your parents is also a smart financial move.

~ ~ ~

  1. Use an infographic to educate parents on cyberbullying and cybersafety. Include statistics and data on key points relating to the topic. Complement this by including your school’s key learning topics with cybersafety and what you’re doing about it in your school’s community.

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