501 Great Social Media Ideas


This book is a comprehensive ideas factory – 178 pages of ideas and thought-starters to help your school generate enrolments, build community or develop cost savings … all through social media!

Unlock the value of these ideas – generate one enrolment by using these ideas and you’ve already paid for the book!  Any value you can generate out of the other 500 ideas is icing on the cake!

Why was it written?  There is a lot of information that tells your school how to set up Facebook, but not much that tells you what to do with it.

There is now.

Written by an author who has been on the web for 20 years and working with schools for 10, 501 Great Social Media Ideas for your school isn’t about embracing social media for social media’s sake.  It also isn’t about jumping into social media completely and utterly.  Rather, it’s about supplying a list of ideas for you to consider in the context of your school, its life, its brand and its methods of communication.

These also just aren’t a heap of ideas along the lines of ‘wouldn’t it be cool if …?’  These ideas are practical to help your school use social media to communicate better rather than more often.

Even if you implement just 10% of them, you should see improvement in your overall online communication and tangible benefits for your school – ranging from enrolments to bottom line savings to greater involvement by parents.

Have a look at the contents … or a few sample ideas.  And if you’re impressed, order your copy online!

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