Creatively harnessing … personality

Well, here we are at part four of a four-part series of looking creatively harnessing various elements of your social media program.

Part one was creatively harnessing your opportunities … and how you can rethink the content collection process for your business.

Part two was creatively harnessing your connections. This post looked at doing more than just making more or collecting friends as if this was some high school lunchtime exercise and turned our attention to the four things that you need to think about to make the most of your connections.

Part three was creatively harnessing your resources … and the ways you can harness resources in a range of ways that will deliver serious benefits to your organisation.

So how do we wrap this up?  What is the final piece of the puzzle and what else can you creatively harness?

Your personality.

Creatively harnessing your personality in social media

The strength of your social media is often capturing the personality of who you are and how you do business .. rather than just telling people what you do.

Who are you in the social media space?  When people see you in the space, do they see someone who is completely sales focussed and interested in themselves.  Do they see someone who is interested in customers?  Do they see an open organisation willing to give advice to help customers?  Do they see a caring organisation, if you’re in non-profit?

Capturing your personality is a key to success, because people don’t respond to just sales pitches.  They’re loyal to businesses who offer them someone else.

So how do you capture personality in social media?

I often advise my clients to have a brief that outlines WHO THEY ARE in social media.  This then drives WHAT THEY SAY.

For example, if your key strength is offering first-class customer service and that’s what brings people to you, that needs to be reflected in your social media presence.  Your posts, tweets and photos now focus on people, advice, service and supportive testimonials from customers who trumpet your service.  Your personality has driven your posting ideas and creative and replicates your key strength in the social media space.

That works far better than either posting at random, ideas generated at the last minute due to publishing time pressures or sharing anything you find because it looks interesting.

You have been real and authentic in your connection with your customers, prospective and customers … and don’t underestimate the value of being real in a space like social media.

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