You get what you give …

Business has always been about transactions. There has always been an exchange of value or of goodwill that leaves both parties accepting that the trade was worthwhile.

Communication has also been about transaction. We have tailored our messages in campaigns over the years to ensure that our customers or audiences have felt like we have understood them and have delivered something that will engage with them or solve a problem for them.

And then social media comes along.

I have worked with a number of clients over more than a decade and discussed with them they are hopes and dreams for a social media strategy. They want to achieve the holy grail of social marketing – the millions of fans, views of a viral video or popularity. They want to fire one bullet and win the war. But in talking with them about how to achieve these goals, we keep coming back to the same question – what are you offering to people through your social media?

That is the key to successful social media. It is not enough to hang a shingle on Facebook or to upload a television commercial to YouTube and hope that people are interested simply because it’s there. We need to be offering goodwill – we need to be offering something of value for people to takeaway.

Think of the last YouTube video you forwarded on to your contacts as something worthwhile. What was it about that clip that made you recommend? It wasn’t the fact that it was on YouTube. It was because it was funny, interesting, bizarre or even shocking.

Or think of the last social media interaction you had, regardless of platform. Apart from our usual predisposition to simply add friends or like things on Facebook because it’s easy, which post did you return to? Why did you go back there? Chances are it was because there was something there that offered something to you you didn’t previously have.

So what makes good social media? Offering something that your customers want or need–an experience, something extra, even a freebie. Coming up with these giveaways can be difficult–which is why there are people like Landmark Media to talk to. If you need someone to come up with ideas or simply to chat about how you are going with your social media strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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