Which platforms do your audience actually use?

It’s fine to say we write web sites or online campaigns but which platforms are our audiences actually using to engage with us online?

One thing that amazes me is when I ask clients which tools their audiences are using to access their online information, many of them have never asked.  So when I ask them ‘how many people use a mobile platform to look you up?’ they don’t know the answer.

I’ve seen companies put tens of thousands of dollars and even more in staff time and resources into their corporate web site which is best viewed on a desktop computer.  What if your audience is using a handheld device?

It’s an interesting question that I believe needs an answer in any online campaign because the choice of platform to interact with your company online will determine a lot of what you write and how you write it.  And not just from a point of view that ensures that your message is being understood, but from the point of view of your message even getting through.  You may even uncover opportunities you hadn’t thought of before – perhaps an iPhone/Android app will get greater use than your web site.  If so, should you be writing for that process and encouraging others to jump on board?  Or perhaps a mobile version of your web site focussing on three key tasks is where you should be putting your energy.  Or you may find that your audience is providing you with up-to-the-minute market research information through a social media outlet like Facebook.

So these are some of the considerations that we need to be considering as writers and not just presuming that our audience is looking at our online information in the same way we might be.

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