Why do some blogs fail?

We’ve been working on a few communications strategies recently and when we’ve come to the online components, these clients have baulked at a blog because they ‘haven’t worked in the past’.  Others have said, ‘isn’t social media better?’

Is it?

Some of these clients have tried a blog before with no success.  Not little success.  No success.  So they stopped.

That’s fair enough.  If something doesn’t work for you in communication you don’t have to keep going down that same path hoping things will improve.

However, the thing I find fascinating with these companies is when I asked them why their blog hadn’t worked, they didn’t know.  They had never asked that question.

That is what I find amazing.  These companies were ruling out a whole communication channel without working out why it hadn’t worked.

When I pose that question, a light went on for each of them.  They realised they hadn’t actually evaluated their blog at all.  It turned out that each of them had a disconnect between what they had to say – their source of knowledge – and the publishing process of a blog.  That was what we had to fix, so we fixed it.

Evaluating blogs can be difficult sometimes.  They require time, energy and creativity – so how do you know they’re worth it?

For Landmark Media, we know the answer to that question because we’ve evaluated this very blog.  We get almost no posted comments from our readers.  Should we pack up and flock to Facebook?  No.  We do get phone calls or emails as a result of people reading the blog.  Not in huge numbers, but that’s not the role the blog plays for our business.  We have won a host of jobs in 2018 and already this year from people who had checked the blog after a recommendation from a colleague and then called us.  The blog has reinforced their perception of expertise.  It’s working.  That’s not to say comments are bad, but within our current model, they’re not needed.

We gave the blog a rest over Christmas, knowing that in talking with our clients, then they wouldn’t think we’d fallen off the map.  Now we’re back into it.

Evaluating online tools is the big challenge for business.  With the plethora of online tools that are available, choosing the right is a very important decision; as is choosing the ones you won’t use. The best way to do that, is to ensure that you understand why things do, and don’t, work.

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