Are you a writer or a rearranger?

Occasionally I work on a web site in which the client doesn’t actually want me to write anything.

I had one like that last week.  I had a client whose web site need reworking … hence my participation in the project.  The web site needed reworking simply because it wasn’t working.  Forget SEO and all that stuff – even though he was high on Google results, his web site wasn’t delivering anything.

I suggested rewriting his web site because of that non-performance.  I suggested starting some sections again and focussing them more on his target audiences.

He didn’t want to do that.  His idea was for me to rearrange the words already there because he had invested a lot of time in SEO and didn’t want to lose his Google ranking.

My argument – which won in the end, thankfully – was that it didn’t matter if he was high on Google’s Holy Grail of Page 1, the web site wasn’t working.

So I started the job as a writer.

Has that happened to you?  As a writer, have you dealt with a project when it felt like you were rearranging the ‘deckchairs on the Titanic’?

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