What’s holding back your organisation on the web?

What is holding back many organisations when it comes to making the most of the web?

It’s not technology. It’s not the lack of opportunities. It’s not the inability to use new tools.

It’s themselves. One of the largest parts of my job when I work with an organisation on their web strategy is that they’re afraid to do it. I’m often asked by clients how they’ve seen an example of a great idea on the web (a competitor using Twitter, an organisation developing a fan base on Facebook or an eNewsletter they love) and how they can replicate their success.

So I put forward some ideas. And they’re all shot down with the same statement, ‘no that will never work for us’.

Or I suggest to them that they could try a campaign web site rather than their staid, old corporate web site and I hear ‘how much will that cost me?’

The one real strength an organisation can have on the web is their willingness to try things. The common denominator of those shining web examples is that an organisation gave it a try, kept refining it and gave it time.

They realised that they were not making quick friends – they were lighting the slow-burn fuse of a long-term relationship with stakeholders.

But overall, they accepted that in order to be successful in the space, they need to start SOMEWHERE. And then they started.

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