Do you know what you want out of your web site?

I find the web fascinating.  More particularly, I find the way organisations approach the web fascinating.

Some get it – they publish good quality information, use web tools effectively and seriously grow their business.

Others don’t – they focus on the wrong things.

You can usually tell which ones get it by the way they evaluate their web sites.

In my workshops, I find that 75% of organisations do little or no evaluation of their web sites (that goes for social media as well).  For them, if it’s on the web, it’s a big tick on the to do list.  That’s not helpful in any way – and particularly not helpful in producing well-written, engaging content.  How can you write good material if you don’t know what you want it to achieve?  It’s just art.

So my question to readers is the same to those participants in my workshops: do you know what you want out of your web site?  If you don’t know, how do you know that all your efforts – and it is resource-intensive to keep a web site afloat – are working?


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