The one thing I will never understand about a corporate web site

In my workshops, one of the first questions I ask participants is to find out what they (and their organisation) feel about their web site.

In 90% of cases, they’re embarrassed.  Very few company representatives tell me how proud they are of their web site.

But here’s what I don’t get.  Of those companies who are ashamed of their web site, very few of them actually do anything about it. If I Google them, I can still find them. That web site that they’re ashamed of, with its typos, outdated photography and links that can occasionally be broken.

Go figure.

Why don’t they do anything about it?  Surely if it’s portraying their company in the wrong light they’ll fix it?  But they don’t.

It’s strange and it’s the one thing I will never understand about a corporate web site – companies can spend thousands of dollars on something that they know is broken but don’t fix.

Which begs the question: what do they think their web site is for anyway?  Is it to fulfill some kind of corporate edict that demands a true business in the 21st century must have a web site? If so, they’re missing the point … and a whole truckload of opportunity.

You see, when prospective customers head to the web to confirm or clarify what they’ve heard about this company, they see something the business would never present to them in real life. And, in so doing, they lose the opportunity, or create a first impression they can now never change.

Have you heard of a web site like that? Your company’s maybe?


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