Why did we stop using a successful partnership …

For years, good advertising campaigns were developed creatively by two people: the art director and the copywriter. Good campaigns nowadays still do.  Ad agencies realised that the whole package needed to work together – the text informed the design, which carried the text.

Web site projects, however, don’t.  Is that a good thing?

In my opinion, no.

Why do ad campaigns have a balance of design and words?  Because it works.  It is how the ad sector has developed materials for ages.  And they keep doing it because it works.

But for some reason, web sites evolve with just a design influence.  Yes, I know the responsibility of providing the content falls to the client and the designer plays the role of art directior, but I would argue that projects set up in this way really struggle break through because the client doesn’t know how to write effectively or communicate effectively with their audience.

If ad campaigns were set up like web sites, the art director would be relying on the client to come up with the copy, tagline or slogan.  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Then why is the web any different?


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