The four keys to social media … #2

There are four keys to good social media practice.  It’s more than just choosing the right tool – it’s about the right approach.  Today is …

Key #2 – Consistency of message

When you look at successful social media, it is no different to any other marketing effort.

It represents your company in a space in which your customers – or even prospective customers – reside.  They perceive you through the messages you upload.  They form opinions on you and your ability to do business based on what they read.  They form long lasting perceptions about your customer service ability by how they see you reacting to customers.

For example, you can talk until you’re blue in the face about how well you handle customer complaints but if it takes you three weeks to respond to a tweet or post that is complaining about your product or service, then that undermines your message completely.

All good social media is like any other communication in that it demands a consistency of message.  If your point of difference is about price, then your social media program reflects that.  If your point of difference is about product, then you tweet about that.  If you stand apart from your competitors because of brilliant customer service, then your online community speaks of that as well (or, better still, the community itself talks about it).  If you’re a family business and your customers actually join that family, then your social media takes on that flavour.

This is something that businesses often forget.  When they are putting social media efforts together, too many times they are caught up in the nuts and bolts of the tool itself to see how they are portraying themselves.

But how they portray themselves is 95% of the success of social media.

Next time – key #3 in the four keys to good social media practice.


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