The four keys to good social media …

There are four keys to good social media practice.  It’s more than just choosing the right tool – it’s about the right approach.  Today is …

Key #1 – The ability to maintain it

A year or two ago, businesses were asking how to get into social media.  Now the question has changed with more businesses asking ‘why’ to get into social media.

One of the things that we factor into any social media program that we build for businesses is not just

The strength of your social media program is not the fact that you are doing it.  That is no longer a selling point.  The fact is HOW you’re doing it and your ability to resource it and do it effectively.  The key to good social media is not being cute or clever … it’s being consistently in the space.  It’s about being consistent in your delivery.

People know when they offer ideas, you thank them.  They know when they complain you respond.

Good social media is about starting and having conversations with your customer base.  Picture a networking function where your customer asked you a question and then you didn’t answer it until the end of the night.  How would they perceive you?  Rude?  Disinterested?  That’s no different to time lags in social media.

Next time – key #2 in the four keys to good social media practice.


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