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Welcome to our web site

When people ask for examples of our work, we find they're not actually looking for flowery, flashy examples - the usual things creatives show when they want to showcase their work.

Instead, we find it more useful to show them a range of client projects which showcase HOW the work was done. This is as important a part of the process as WHAT is produced.

Good quality work doesn't always mean you've worked on the bigger projects. We know. We've worked on sites that get in excess of four million 'hits' (yes, we're cringing at using a neanderthal web measurement tool, but most people get this) a week, but it's the smaller ones that require more focussed work and more targetted content. Plus, if big web budgets meant quality work, the Federal Government wouldn't have pulled the plug on their $13 million Grocery Choice web site turkey.

And just one last thing on these examples: when you’re looking at them, please bear in mind that the design isn’t our work. We say that as often when reviewing web pages, most people focus on the design – our contribution was primarily the web writing or strategy).

So what have we been working on lately? This should help ...

One of the things that many organisations fall into the trap of when they write their own web site is to start with the phrase ‘Welcome to our web site’.

While we appreciate the intent and sentiment that is meant, that can often lead an organisation to view their web site as somehow separate to the organisation itself, rather than as most of their web site visitors feel – an extension of their business.

Your web site – to most people – is your organisation.  When they come to your web site, either directly or indirectly, and they read about what you are doing and why you are doing it, they don’t feel like they are on your web site.  They feel like they are engaging with your company.  They feel like they are looking at what you do.  They feel like they are conversing with you.

Customers don’t make the differentiation between an organisation and its web site.  When they go onto the web site of the National Australia Bank, they feel like they are talking to the bank.

We coach many web writers to remove the words ‘Welcome to our web site’ from their vocabulary.  In the same way that you would never write a front cover for a sales brochure with the words ‘Welcome to our sales brochure’.

People know it’s a web site.  They’re on the web.

What should you write instead?  Where a company wants to welcome people to their spac eon the web, we often write ‘welcome to our company or organisation’ or, better still, make a statement that makes them feel welcome.  That reaches out to them.  That embraces them.  That works far, far better.


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