Is it okay to say no to social media?

People are getting tired of social media.  Businesses are constantly telling me that they can’t see how Twitter can be useful for them.  They see Facebook as being a massive time drain without a clear indication of a ROI.  They uploaded all their TV ads to the YouTube channel, but are getting no cut through.  (It’s no wonder BTW).

Anyone who has been to any of our workshops – particularly the one on using social media in business – will have heard us preach incessantly about how tools arrive with a bang and then settle into a pattern; that people are like sheep when new tools arrive and lemmings when they start to fade.

But is it okay to no to social media in business?

In our workshops, we challenge participants to come up with rationale as to why they’d use social media in their business and then rationale as to why they wouldn’t.

They have come up with some interesting ideas as to how they’d embrace social media and these ideas have not only opened new avenues, but they’ve tweaked how they’d currently been running online communities.

The rationale as to why they WOULDN’T use social media are usually because their boss/manager/Chairman has categorically stated that they won’t use these tools because they’re unsafe/unprofessional/I just don’t use it.

As we’ve discussed social media strategically, some participants come to the point of realising that a particular social media outlet is not for them.  The participant often nervously tells the rest of their workshop colleagues that Facebook may not work for them.  The question is: is that okay?    Haven’t we all been conditioned to just embrace the Next Big Thing that arrives on the web?

Our response to that is that yes, it is okay.  If you have looked at social media from a strategic viewpoint and have analysed your audience’s usage and respect for the medium and have come up with a negative … or you don’t have the resources to effectively manage and maintain a social media presence then it’s okay to say no.

We’d rather you said no for reasons of strategy rather than reasons of fear.


One thought on “Is it okay to say no to social media?

  1. Agree with you there. Its about working out why your organisation is there,, what markets they are targeting …. its then a matter of how.
    How is dictated by your target market, is your market influenced by social media or are there better ways to interact.

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