Can communicators help the social media strategy?

Absolutely … but they often aren’t asked to.

I was chatting to a client last week and they mentioned that their social media push was so important that they were employing someone to look after it full time.  That’s great.

The conversation that followed showed a lot about this particular organisation and their view of social media and how it can engage audience groups.  It also echoed a number of conversations I’ve had with other companies too.

My client asked me if I knew anyone with a strong marketing background who also understood social media.  I know a few people working in social media, but their background is PR or communication, not marketing.  Oh well, said the client, perhaps I’ll start looking for a marketer elsewhere.

There’s the problem.  Social media isn’t about marketing.  It’s about communicating or engaging through relationships with key audiences.

I’ve found most marketers tend to be very one-way people in their dealings with their customers.  They have a message they want to get out.  They don’t want a two-way conversation.  They approach social media as another selling outlet and miss the whole point of social media.  It’s social.  It’s about community.

So in answer to the original question: can writers and communicators help the social media strategy?  Absolutely.  In fact, they should be running it.

Your thoughts?


One thought on “Can communicators help the social media strategy?

  1. your right David, us marketers are keen on getting people to want to buy or experience our product or services – message out.
    ‘In terms of buidling social media – maybe treating it more as a customer relationship management exercise is the key, how do we engage with customers in the “real world” should it be really that different in the “web world”? Good question, Darlene

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