So what’s behind door number 1?

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

For my first blog post of the year, I’d like to talk about something you’ll find on every corporate website. I’ll wager your web site has them as well.

Depending on the enthusiasm of your web designer toward social media, your social media icons will be somewhere on your page.

For many organisations, this means that they will appear in the footer at the bottom of your site.  If you have a web designer who truly believes in social media, it will form a key part of the design.

There are usually four of these icons – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube – and they offer the promise of a deeper connection with your organisation.

Or do they?

When I work with companies on the integration of their social media into their wider communications, the one thing that often stands out as being disjointed is how users are taken from the web to the social media space.

When I come to your website as a user, I may not think of your social media options as an added bonus of doing business with you.  I may not have a burning desire to connect with you in this way.

Roughly 10% of social media users are serial likers or followers who will connect with just about everybody in the social media space. But you need to realise  that they are not doing that for you, they’re doing it for themselves.

The things I often talk about with clients when working to develop social media strategy is coming up with ways in which they can communicate why people would want to connect with you social media … not just showing them the opportunities to do so.

Think of it this way.  If you just show social media icons in isolation on your web site, you’re telling people HOW to get to your shop, not WHY they’d want to visit.

So when you are encouraging people to connect with you in social media through your website, have you sat back and thought how will people perceive this invitation? It’s no longer newsworthy to say that we are on Facebook or that someone can follow you on Twitter. Your icons have become like wallpaper to most people –they may not even see them.  What you may need to do is show them the benefits of doing so–even on your organisations homepage.

So don’t ask them to Join you on Facebook or Follow you on Twitter.  Show them the benefits to them of doing so.


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