Do your customers care if you like windsurfing?

Some businesses try to personalise their web site by adding personal information.  Great idea.

But do customers care if you like windsurfing?  Or white wine and long walks on the beach?

In short, no.

Think about the businesses you frequent as a customer.  Are all of them chosen on the basis of price or uniqueness of product?  Or do you have relationships in business that you stick with because they look after you, are good people or give you something beyond just a product?

You can replicate that on your own web site.  Personalising your web site is a great idea but how you go about it is critical.

Personalising your web site gives people an insight into WHY you do business, not necessarily WHAT you do.  And don’t underestimate the fact that people do business with you because you’re easy to get along with or professional in your service.

So as you are developing your web site, consider how you could personalise it.  What is it about you and your team that is attractive to your customers and how can you articulate it?

That’s also the case in social media.  Yes, you can personalise your profile, but how is that relevant to your audience?  If you are going to personalise, it MUST be a talking point that brings you and your customer together in conversation or in transaction.  If they wonder why you’ve told them … you probably shouldn’t tell them.

We are working with a client right now where we are applying this.  They are regularly recommended as being ‘great people’ to work with who provide a great service.  Their old site mentions that the staff like wine, cheese, squash and trains.  Their new site is being written to include quotes from them about how they really enjoy fixing complex problems for their clients and includes quotes on how they enjoy the chats with their clients that aren’t work-related.

Which one do you think is more attractive in business?


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