Reason #2: No skills to write a web site

Continuing the three reasons why corporate web sites struggle:

2. Skills

Writing is a skill in the same way as sales, customer service or business development.  Sometimes there’s a misunderstanding in companies who see the web as ‘free’ so they presume that because anyone CAN do it, then they SHOULD.

I regularly run workshops in the corporate sector, for Universities and government.  95% of the people who attend are responsible for the content of their web site.  95% of them have never been trained in writing.

(I’ve said before that I’m staggered a company will sweat blood over producing an annual report which will go to maybe 1000 people but pay almost zero attention to the wording on their web site, with a potential audience in the billions.)

Those people leaving my workshop now have an idea of the skills they need to write.  They often report back to me that they’ve had to educate people within their company of the benefit of those skills … and how hard it is to get them to ‘see the light’.

It’s a slow process, but it needs to happen.


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