Ello is here to save the world!!!

Sigh.  It’s happening again.

I got an email from a social media consultant friend asking me if I’d received an invite to join Ello.  She hadn’t yet and was desperately scrambling to find someone to invite her.  Why the scramble?  Because Ello is new, shiny and is the social media platform that will revolutionise everything.


I saw this in the early 2000s when MySpace arrived.  Companies were falling over each other to create a profile because MySpace was going to replace everything that came before it.  Then they did it again in 2005/6 because Facebook was the place to be.  Then it was Twitter.  Now it’s Ello.

My approach when working with clients is to look at the reasons why you’d use the platform in the first place and the benefits you’ll get out of it.  The fact that something is new and attracting all the buzz is fine … but until it starts attracting your customers en masse, or opens up a new market to you, it’s fine to be skeptical of your need to join in.

When I wrote my books on 501 Great Social Media Ideas, one thing that I made clear was that you need to have a clear rationale behind using each new social media platform that came along because there would always be something new.  You can’t base your social media strategy around tools.  You need to build it around outcomes delivered by the right tool.

If you evaluate Ello’s worth on the basis of whether or not it can generate real business for you – not just an extra workload or the feelgood element of being involved in something that appears to be ‘exclusive’ – then you will save yourself and your business a heck of a lot of time and you will ensure that your work in the social media space is maximised.

In the meantime, if you DO get an invite to Ello, let me know.  I’ll pass it onto my consultant friend.


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