Does using Twitter in business make you a Twit?

Firstly, a big thank you to those people who’ve attended our workshops in the past month.  It’s been a busy time – and we haven’t finished yet.  There are another four  workshops over the next eight days for a major Government client and a bunch of schools.

Now, down to business.  Does using Twitter in business make you a Twit?

It does if you’re Channel Seven (this is from a few years back, but it’s still relevant).

It looks like the big network may have been faking Tweets to push trending of its new show Dancing with the Stars.  Oh noes, reality TV may be faked … who’d a thunk it?  While not a capital offence – yet – this simple story shows how big business still doesn’t get the basic element of social media that makes it work.

Connection with real people.

I’ve been asked quite a few times over the past few months about social media, but particularly Twitter.  Many businesses are sceptical that this ‘stuff’ will ‘work’ and ask whether it should be a part of their business.

One of the key elements of social media is the acceptance by your audience – apart from your commitment, key messages and timing etc.  The latest social shenanigans from Seven won’t help.  There will now be a whole new raft of customers who, over their Corn Flakes this morning, will read about #dwts and come to the conclusion that Twitter is fake.  For some, it will reinforce their view that all this social media ‘stuff’ is glossy, marketing bollocks and it will cement their rationale as to why they’d never use it.  For others, they will start wondering if other Twitter accounts are real or not.

And it’s into this shifting mindset that your business will parachute its tweets.

So what does your audience or customer base think about Twitter?  One key question I ask all clients is what sort of environmental scan have you done to support your new communication channel?  Have you just dived in or are you operating using market feedback?  What does your audience think of using tools like this?  Because this information will not only help you maximise your connection to them through social media, it will also help you be more profitable while you use it.


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