My new book!

I’m taking a breather from my social media series of posts just to brag about my book for a bit.  If you’ve ever worked through the process of developing an idea through to a book format, you’ll understand my pride!

Anyway, my latest book collates 501 Great Social Media Ideas for schools to use as they build community, gather enrolments and save back-end costs by using social media effectively.  There is even a chapter dedicated to using it in the classroom.

I have a lot of experience with schools and often hear them say that they’ve been to workshops that help them understand it or set it up … but don’t know what to do with it.  That’s where the book steps in.  It’s a comprehensive ideas factory to help them generate some real results, not just intangible feelgood statistics for their school.

If you’d like to know what’s in it, here is the contents page.  You can also order online or even join the Facebook group to be a part of the conversation as people start to share their own ideas.

Better yet, if you know of someone who works in a school, pass on this info to them.  The early feedback from the book is that the ideas are already working (check the feedback on the Facebook group) so they’ll benefit from reading about social media within the school’s own context.

Normal blog posting transmission will resume soon … once I’ve settled down a bit 😉

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