Cool – we’ve got a Facebook page

I’ve spent the last two weeks talking to a number of clients about their Web 2.0 strategy.  Every one of them has a Facebook fan page or profile.  Every one of them is getting nothing out of it.

What makes a good social networking strategy?  The same as every other online strategy – a clear direction, a key outcome and a commitment to the resources required.

It’s not enough nowadays to say ‘cool, we’ve got a Facebook page’.  It’s like in 2000 companies seemed to be happy that they even had a web site.  Today we realise our web site needs to be doing something, to be engaging or to be working for our business.

Social media (or social networking) can work well for your business – it’s more a case of knowing WHY you’re doing it, not just the fact that you are doing it.

PS: I also spoke to a client who had attended a Facebook workshop only to be told ‘if you aren’t on Facebook you may as well not be marketing’.  <sigh> This full-on, bells-and-whistles, must-have child’s-toy-of-the-year approach to social media doesn’t help anybody, including the company listening to rubbish advice like that.  These tools can help, but only if you are approaching it strategically – not because everyone else has got one.


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