This page is not under construction

Hi everyone.  Happy New Year and welcome to 2010 … the year Space Odyssey 2 was supposed to be set in.  😮

Now, for my rant … I hate nothing more on the web than pages that are under construction.  Why promote the fact that you have nothing to say?  You’d never print an eight-page brochure that had two pages blank, save for a small line of text that said ‘this page is still being written’.  So why put it up on the web?

These pages used to be cute in 1997, when you’d have little icons of construction signs or, if you had a really geeky IT department, animated icons of dump trucks driving across screen.  But they aren’t cute now.

There are enough smarts in IT tools to hide pages under construction or even delete them.  So use them already!

What the ‘page under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ mentality does is that it puts your customers off.  You’ve offered them a shiny new page to look at in the navigation only to disappoint them when they get there.

As I say in my workshops, there are two choices available to you: take the navigation link down (or hide it) or, if the page is so important, get your skates on and upload the page!

Here’s my favourite ‘page under construction’ at the moment:  They kindly offer the suggestion to ‘please check back soon’.  I’ve got places to get to, kids to pick up from school, bank accounts to balance and food to put on the table.  I won’t be back at your page ever, let alone soon.


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