Apparently social networking is dead!

I read a blog last week that said the Top 50 Websites compiled by Time Magazine showed a trend towards video streaming on the most popular web sites and, because of that, “Social networking out, streaming video in”, to quote the headline.

Here we go again. It must be coming up to Christmas – the latest toys are being promoted.

I keep saying in my workshops that on the web there will always be something new, and it will always be sold as a ‘must have’. I’ll expect in the coming months to see business rush to include video content as it’s the latest thing and they’ll be rushing out of social networking as if it’s infected with swine flu.

It’s started already. I have three large clients who’ve all whispered about their new ‘video content strategy’ and, when pressed, intimate that they’re not really that interested in the social networking ideas we’ve been talking about.


There are ways to use anything on the web in business. There are also reasons to avoid new things on the web. What makes the difference? The reason why you use them.

It’s about strategy, and how these new ‘toys’ can help you achieve it.

PS: Spent last week in Singapore with the BA24 class of UniSA. A big shout out to the students … leave a comment!


One thought on “Apparently social networking is dead!

  1. true…social networking is not really the trend anymore – specially when it has been around for quite some years now and ofcourse the repeated attacks on Facebook etc.. People are exposing too much — and only realising it when its too late!

    with the fibre optical broadband connections hopefully coming soon to our homes in just a couple of months time — i am sure video streaming is going to buzz-out!


    PS: haha so i am the first to leave a comment.

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